Esther Wins #BBNaija Head Of House

Esther Wins #BBNaija Head Of House

Esther has become the first female to emerge the new Head of House. She has now become the first female to win the HOH title twice after defeating Elozonam in the fiercely competed game of Spelling Bee Quest.

She displayed her prowess in vocabulary, strategy, and speed.

This is the second time that the Pepper Dem Housemate will occupy the position.

This week, the Head of House challenge was to test the Housemates’ vocabulary strength.

In five minutes, the Housemates were required to spell as many words as possible. The Housemate with the most words correctly spelt will become the Head of House.

As easy as this sounds, they were strict instructions for them to follow.

They were only allowed to pick a single tile on each trip and if anyone was caught cheating, the Housemate was disqualified.

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